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Exchess set 4: 12 pieces (w/b), 6 models

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In decreasing height:
Prince, wearing a simple crown, height ca. 92 mm
Joker, wearing a "conical hat"
Angel, with "wings", hence a collar
Nymph, wearing a pointed crown
Commando, having broad shoulders
X-ray, height ca. 54 mm

Set 4
Copyright © 2005

PrinceW.jpg JokerW.jpg AngelW.jpg
Prince Joker Angel
NymphW.jpg CommandoW.jpg XrayW.jpg
Nymph Commando X-ray

The X-ray cannot capture or check. The white X moves like the Bishop, the black X like the Queen. But in addition it may "do the long jump"; that is, it may leap over any number of occupied squares.
Please see H. van Haeringen, "Super Chess and Monarch, The Laws", for the movements and special properties of the remaining superchess pieces.

Photographs of these Exchess pieces by Marion van den Bol

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