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Exchess set 1: 16 pieces (w/b), 6 models

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1 Empress (Es, full dress)
1 Princess (Ps, skirt)
1 Veteran (V, helmet)
1 Herald (H, trumpet)
2 rapid pawns (r, slim figure, pointed)
2 t-pawns (t, T-shaped)

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The models in the current, new version, have been slightly modernised; see the next three photographs.

EmpressW.jpg PrincessW.jpg VeteranW.jpg
moves as Rook or Knight
moves as Bishop or Knight
moves as King or Knight
HeraldW.jpg RapidPawnW.jpg t-pawnW.jpg
moves 1 or 2 squares diagonally and can leap. A Herald on the last rank may also move 1 square straight sideways: the colour changing move
Rapid pawn
Except when capturing the rapid pawn moves 1 or 2 squares straight forward; when capturing it moves 1 or 2 squares diagonally forward; the rapid pawn cannot leap.
Except when capturing the t-pawn moves 1 or 2 squares straight forward at which move it can leap; when capturing it moves 1 square straight sideways. Thus the motion of the t-pawn is (also) T-shaped.

Photographs of the Exchess pieces by Tom Dingjan

Combined set 1+C

Especially for players without a chess set, a matching chess set is available (only in combination with an Exchess set 1). The combined set 1+C consists of Exchess set 1 supplemented with a complete chess set (“Staunton”-style, without board), KH ca. 96 mm, white/black (ivorywood, stained), weighted and felted, deluxe quality. Highly recommendable because of the very attractive price.

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