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Problems especially to prepare oneself for the Dutch Championship

Combinations with the Amazon A, Empress Es, Princess Ps and Veteran V

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The positions were composed of ordinary chessmen and the following four superchess pieces:

The Veteran only moves as King or Knight; it cannot be checked or mated.

Here we restrict ourselves to these four superchess pieces, because with these pieces the Dutch Open Championship Superchess was played three times (in 2004, 2005 and 2006), as part of the world-famous Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands.

Each new piece has the combined move of the Knight and some chess piece so that chess players will have no problem in playing it. In most of the positions only a few of the new pieces participate. By using an ordinary chess set and some coloured sewing-threads, each chess player can immediately devote him(her-)self to the solution of the problems below. A nice and pleasant way of acquiring experience with these new pieces. The problems are classified into six groups, arranged roughly according to the degree of complexity:

Solutions (of the first three groups of problems) are given after the last problem. In some cases, a part of the solution complex is left to the reader as an exercise. In most of the positions shown, White to move can mate in a few moves, but also Black to move can mate in a few moves. This information will help in finding the solution. It is likely that the player to move will have to check, since otherwise he/she might be quickly mated him/herself.

Please note that Kt is used as indication for Knight. The reason is that N has been reserved for Nymph.

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