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Problems especially to prepare oneself for the Dutch Championship

Group 1 : Elementary exercises
Group 2 : Simple questions
Group 3 : Advanced problems
Group 4 : Complex combinations
Group 6 : Intricate problems
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Group 5: More difficult questions

Position 5.1

stelling51.gif (15813 bytes)

White: K g1, Q c2, Es c5, Ps g4, R b7, R e3, Kt f1, a2, b3, d2, f2, g2, h2 (7+6 pieces)
Black: K h8, Q d8, Es a8, Ps a6, R f6, R f7, B h5, c6, g6, h6 (7+3 pieces)
5.1 W: White to move can win
Solution 5.1

Position 5.2

stelling52.gif (18359 bytes)

White: K a1, Ps e1, B h4, Kt b6, d5, e3, e4 (4+3 pieces)
Black: K d6, R h5, B a7, Kt d8, b5, b7, d7, e6, f7, g6 (4+6 pieces)
5.2 W: White to move and mate in 5
Solution 5.2

Position 5.3

stelling53.gif (15613 bytes)

White: K f2, Q c1, Es h1, Ps c3, R a1, R a3, Kt a2, d3, e2, e4, e6, f5, g2 (7+6 pieces)
Black: K g7, Q c7, Es h7, Ps c6, R a7, R c5, B h8, a5, b6, f6, g5 (7+4 pieces)
5.3 W: White to move and mate in 6
5.3 B: Black to move can win
Solution 5.3

Position 5.4

stelling54.gif (15293 bytes)

White: K e1, Ps e3, V d4, R a6, R e2, B f3, Kt c2, b2, d5, h2 (7+3 pieces)
Black: K d7, Es b5, Ps h7, V h4, R f6, Kt e7, Kt f8, b6, c6, c7, d6, g7, h6 (7+6 pieces)
5.4 W: White to move can win, although not quickly
5.4 B: Black to move can easily win
Solution 5.4

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Hereafter we give solutions (not yet completed) to the problems formulated above. Next to the main variants most, but not always all, variants are given. A (small) part of the solution complex is sometimes left to the reader as an exercise.

Solution 5.1 W

Position 5.2
Solution 5.2 W

Position 5.3
Solution 5.3 W

Position 5.4
Solution 5.4 W

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With thanks to the webmaster Marion van den Bol for her dedication and to Wim Vriend for the diagrams and his assistance in analysing these problems.

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