Correspondence Superchess competition

The first superchess competition by correspondence has started.

A closed competition of 5 participants will be played. Nasmichael Farris from the USA has joined (via Brainking) the four Dutch players who are acqainted with Superchess.

In each round at most two games per person will be played, for which one gets two months time. Two players will play only one game in each round, because of the odd number of participants.

The participants are the following:

The first round: (pieces from a1 to h1)

Only ordinary pawns will be used. Power pieces will not be used. The promotion pieces consist of the replaced chess pieces and the captured pieces. In the game Van Eijk - Leentvaar, the King will not be a promotion piece.

For more information please contact the organizer of this competition: Coen Leentvaar, e-mail: